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Why would I begin a blog with the name of a state? The short answer is that both of my books have their roots in the soil of my home state.

The longer answer begins with the visual image KANSAS makes: strong vertical letters balanced by the soft curves of the 's'.

For many, the thought of Kansas is tied to flatness. That is the fault of Interstate 70, which by the way, was the first paved stretch of the American Interstate Highway system.

In reality, Kansas has many swales, vales, valleys, and hills. Indeed, it has some fairly sharp topography in select areas. The watersheds are extensive and vital to communities, cities, and ranchers.

But, back to the short answer...Kansas is the setting for UNDER A FULL MOON The Last Lynching in Kansas (2020 Wild Blue Press) and GROW TOPLESS A Modified High Tunnel Design for Headache Free Extended-Season Gardening (Amazon).

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